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Dog cushion, dog, bird, mint, cat, mint green

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Hundekissen, Catapillow

This cozy dog ​​cushion is perfect for your four-legged - for sleeping, cuddling, playing and hiding the treats.

It is rectangular.
The top is made of a beautiful fabric in mint / mint green, printed with birds, bird cage and tree branches, flowers, cherry blossoms. The base is in a darker mint. The pages are available in black with white dots.
In the nostalgic style, fits perfectly to shabby chic.

With zipper. The lining pad can be washed separately. Wash at 30 degrees.

Super soft and shake up the interior filler.
Tested according to the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Nr.:13.0.20197. Allergy Neutral filling.

It is available in four Different Sizes.
* XS: 40cm x 25cm ......... € 49 *
* S: 60cm x 45cm ......... at 99 € *
* M: 80cm x 65cm ......... € 149 *
* L: 100cm x 85cm ...... € 199 *

* Height about 12 cm *

* Customization: .......... Pricing *.

All materials of cushion can also be combined differently, of course, or if you like would have a different color or or or - ask us.

The cushions are usually made only after order - it may take about 4-14 business days to shipping - depending on order also times longer.